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Little Planets

I was taking panorama pictures with my fisheye lense for some time now. Here are some of the results I created using the free Hugins software for panorama stitching!


Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof



Coney Island Freaks

When Steffi told me about her plans to take us to Coney Island, I was expecting a place similar to Venice Beach in California. Though at first glance both locations are similar in apperance, NY of course is not LA. The attitudes you find there actually could not be more different. In California, I had the impression all people are seeking conformity, stuggling hard to reach their particular ideal of beauty with daily workouts, cosmetic surgeries and so on. In NY people have a strong attitude towards diversity. They are eager to be distinguishable.

I posted some comments in Steffi’s blog about the impressions I had with the “tiniest woman in the world” at Coney Island. We can call this a freak show. Although this was somehow disturbing for me, I might come to the conclusion that being a freak in NY is probably not the same as in other part of the world. NY loves their freaks. If you are a freak (and who isn’t in one aspect or the other), NY is probably the best place to go unnoticed.

What I liked most about Coney Island is the variety of different people you can find there, different attitudes, passions and professions. Some are here to watch, others to be seen. Some passionately pursue a forlorn quest, like searching the beach for hidden treasures with metal detectors. Others seem to be on a more successful journey to happiness.

You can find a couple of images I took at Coney Island in my photo set

When the Saints go marching in

There was a marching band playing right before the SIGGRAPH 09 dinner reception. They organized this for the attendands to get some Mardi Gras feeling. Of course marching bands in New Orleans are way much cooler than our German “Blasmusik”;-)

I found some interesting faces among the musicians.

See the photo set I took at SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans